Transfagarasan road

Welcome to the Transafagarasan

This filming location in Romania offers to film producers, we think is one of the best out there! This is so because it has everything that you can imagine! Natural beauty, great scenery and much more besides. In our opinion, there is no doubt that you will be amazed by the great beauty of the Transfagarasan.  Furthermore, there is no other natural site quite like it anywhere in the world. The Transfagarasan Road is Romania’s, and one of Europe’s, highest asphalted roads. Also, the climb along the highway offers amazing views of the mountains.

This truly amazing natural filming location in Romania is perfect for any kind of movie project. Remember the names. The filming location Romania has named the Transfagarasan, and Sirbu Film Production, the company that invites you to explore one of the best movie locations in Eastern Europe. In addition, to add just a bit more clarity, both the mountains and the road leading through them are called the Transfagarasan Mountains and the Transafagarasan Road. 

The Transfăgărășan is a paved mountain road crossing the southern section of the Mountains of Romania. It has the importance of a national road and is the second-highest paved road in the country after the Transalpina. In addition, these beautiful mountains and hills have been called the “Transylvanian Alps”. And with good reason, too. Just take a look at our short video above and you will feel the natural wonder of the place right away. Also, in terms of finding a filming location Romania with the Transafagarasan offers one of the very best out there!  

Shoot scenes of natural beauty with ease

We would like to add that this road that Nicholas Cage used this road in the movie “Ghost Rider – Spirit Of Vengeance”. The movie team took some truly amazing natural hilltop and mountain shots for that movie. Furthermore, all of them were shot in this location. So, whether you want to shoot an action movie or simply want to shoot beautiful natural hilltop and mountain road scenery then go for it. Just contact us right away and we will get things moving as soon as possible. There is nowhere better to start a new project than with this filming location Romania offers named the Transfagarasan.

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