Mountains transfagarasan

The natural beauty that really stands out - the Mountains Transfagarasan

If you’ve been searching for the best film shoot locations you should really consider the Transfagarasan Mountains. These mountains offer glorious views and breathtaking scenery. This means that this location is ideal for filming from the air above. Just take a look at our short video preview above! You will see for yourself why we think this is one of the best film shoot locations out there. The Transfagarasan Mountains are the second-highest in Romania. At their peak, they reach 2042 meters above sea level. Also, they are surrounded by beautiful natural forests. Unique among all other film shoot locations, you can use the Transfagarasan Mountains for filming both during the winter and summer seasons. As you can see, it all depends on what type of film project you have in mind. The snowy peaks offer a great backdrop to any type of film, video, or clip. 

The Mountains Transfagarasan - an excellent choice among film shoot locations

What really sets these mountains apart is their natural beauty. For example, they have been called the “Transylvanian Alps”, and for good reason! As you can see from our short video introduction above, they really deserve this title. The majesty of these mountains is clear to see from any angle. Their beauty is without doubt unique in the region. We think that these mountains can be your next ideal filming location. Whatever your filming needs, the beautiful Transfagarasan Mountains will amaze you. So whatever you might be looking to get from your next film project, the Transfagarasan Mountains offer an amazing sight! All you have to do to access filming in these mountains is simply to contact us today. We here at Sirbu Film Productions will be more than happy to help with any project that you might have in mind. We can help turn your creative ideas into reality by shooting almost any kind of project in these beautiful natural settings. Make the Transfagarasan Mountains you next destination among film shoot locations today.  

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