Mud volcano

A unique mud volcano in a unique natural reservation

This mud volcano filming location in Romania is truly a unique site to behold! Just have a look a the video on top of this page to see why. This volcano filming location is part of the Berca Mud Volcanoes reservation.
The reservation itself is among the most interesting and spectacular in Romania and even in Europe as a whole. This muddy alien landscape is home to some of the rarest types of exotic plants, for example. Also, there are the geological features of this location that will surely leave you amazed once you visit it. This location can look great in any kind of production, be it a documentary about nature or even a music video! This is not to say nothing about more advanced productions, like feature-length films.    

This reservation, of which the volcano filming location is part, It has been protected by the Romanian state since 1924. This should give you an idea of the uniqueness and importance of this place. Due to landslides, deforestation, downpours, and mudflows, there is an eerie lunar atmosphere in the reservation. So, this can be a perfect location to shoot some kind of sci-fi movie, short, or clip.

A filming location that will take your project to the next level

The uses to which this location can be put are limited only by your imagination! You can use your creative intuition and let it guide you in shooting some of your best material yet at this volcano filming location. We believe that your most ambitious film shooting plans will be realized when you choose to film here. And, despite this location being in the midst of a protected reservation, getting here is no problem. We at Sirbu Film Production will take care of all the questions relating to the logistics and the permits needed to shoot here. 
So, we invite you to explore this majestic natural location with us! We ask you to believe us when we say that this is a truly amazing volcano filming location because we truly mean it! So don’t hesitate, to contact us today.

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