The red lake

The Red Lake in Romania - a perfect destination for a creepy movie?

The Red Lake in Romania is a very special filming destination. Firstly, it is the largest barrier lake in the Eastern Carpathian Mountains. In fact, legends abound about this lake. This is so because it is also known as “the Killer Lake” locally. This is partly because of the reddish, blood-like colour lent by the sediments carried through its’ waters. But partly this is also due to a horrific legend that many locals believe to be true.
It is said that when the slope of a large hill collapsed over a nearby village, the landfall killed most of the inhabitants of the village, as well the animals. To make matters creepier, of the forest that was covered by the lake only tree stumps remained, and over time they got turned into stone due to the sediments. Now, the spruce trunks that barely come out of the water look just like tombstones.

Filming even in the mountains is a breeze with Sirbu Film Production

Have a look at our video and see for yourself the kind of unique natural beauty that this lake offers. The Red Lake in Romania can serve as a perfect spot for a horror film or any other kind of film production that needs stunning creepy visuals. On the other hand, your project doesn’t have to fall into the “horror” category for you to take full advantage of this location. The Red Lake in Romania is also great for filming documentaries, for example. The shots made here can fit in very nicely into any kind of production, from a YouTube video clip to a full-scale movie. All you must do to get started is to speak to one of our team members today by using our contact page. Filming with Sirbu Film Production is easy. We have everything covered when it comes to organising and directing a filming team. We have worked hard to get to a professional level of filming expertise. And, with such a wonderful location as the Red Lake in Romania, we can make any creative plan come to fruition in the most amazing way possible.

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