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We are a top film production in Romania

Here at Sirbu Film Production, we can proudly say that we are a top film production company in Romania. And this is not empty boasting. As you can see from the list above we can take care of any of your filming needs. We’ve got awesome locations, the best crew ever, and much more besides. Also, we provide you with a dedicated team that works on your project from start to finish. This is so that you remain fully satisfied that your project will reach its’ creative potential.

We are Sirbu film production

We specialize in multiple areas of the creative filming industry. As a top film production company in Romania, we deal with everything from full-length film to commercials to short clips. We put in hours of work and solid dedication into everything that we do. For us, no job is too big and no project too small to devote ourselves to it fully. Our clients love us for this, and they keep coming back for more or recommend us to their colleagues, friends, or partners.

We believe that each creative vision requires much preparation and planning to be realized fully. But that doesn’t stop us from realizing our clients’ goals. Our services as a top film production company in Romania include everything you might ever need from a production crew. We professionally deal with every area involved in filming modern, creative productions. From permits to sets and props, and from casting to transportation and accommodation, we handle it all. And we handle it well.

A Romanian top film production company

So, we think that the time has come for you to fully realize your creative potential by working with us. The sky is truly the limit when you decide to take us on as a partner on your creative journey. Also, believe us when we say that as a top film production company in Romania, we have all the right talent available to work on any kind of project. Sirbu Film Production can take on everything: from the most sophisticated feature-length films to the smallest of video ads. Our talented team has years of experience under their belts, and all of this experience will be put to excellent use on your next project.