Citadel rasnov

Citadel Rasnov - an excellent filming choice

Citadel Rasnov is truly a one-of-a-kind castle! It is a true historic monument that is also beautiful to behold, especially during the summer. This landmark proudly stands on a rocky hilltop in the Carpathian Mountains. Citadel Rasnov stands at a height of  650 ft. above the town of Rasnov. So, this should give you some idea about the historical importance of this citadel for the defense of the entire region. It is exactly for this reason that the fortress was first built. Historians agree that Citadel Rasnov was first built by the Teutonic Knights. It was used mainly for defense against the invading Tartars hundreds of years ago. Later, the territory of the castle itself and its surroundings was made bigger by the local Saxon population. So why not choose to make this citadel your next stop for film and video production?

Hollywood and Citadel Rasnov

Back in 2002, the movie “Cold Mountain” was filmed here. The filming crew worked at the citadel itself, but also in the areas surrounding it. Such big Hollywood names like Nicole Kidman, Jude Law, and Renee Zellweger involved themselves in the filming. More than that, the movie that they worked on got nominated for an Oscar. We believe that this is the best proof out there that Romania should be your next filming destination, with Citadel Rasnov in particular. This is so because you can put the citadel and the beautiful scenery around it to whatever use you like! Be it for a short, clip, a trailer, or a full-blown movie, any of your plans will take shape and be realized fully in this location! So, why wait? Sirbu Film Production is always happy to answer any questions that you might have. Just contact us today. It’s that easy.

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