Fagaras citadel

Fagaras Citadel- A unique castle with a unique history

Looking to rent film locations in Romania? Look no further! Sirbu Film Production proudly presents Fagaras Citadel: a truly unique film location! Citadel Fagaras is one of the most beautiful castles in Romania. When it was first built, a moat was put in place to add extra defense strength to this castle. What’s more, willow trees were planted around it. Furthermore, this medieval castle has been preserved really well throughout the years. So, this means that it is fully functional and can serve as your next shooting destination whenever you want. Everything you need to shoot any kind of film, movie, documentary, clip, or short is here! If you’ve been looking to rent film locations in Romania then your search is over. Citadel Fagaras can cater to all of your filming needs.

Looking to rent film locations in Romania? Consider Fagaras Citadel as your prime destination

This one-of-a-kind castle is still standing in its’ full glory. We think that this is amazing given how much time has passed since it was first built. The oldest part of the building dates back to the 14th century. All throughout the history of medieval Transylvania this castle played a crucial part both in wartime and in times of peace. Its walls are 3 meters thick in some places, so this should give you an idea about its’ original importance as a means of defense. We think that In today’s world, the best use to which this castle can be put is as a backdrop to any kind of filming project. If you’ve been looking to rent film locations in Romania, then this is one of the most perfect spots to film almost anything.

Apart from being a historic monument in itself, Fagaras Citadel is set in a beautiful location! Also, just have a look at our short video above and you will see what we mean. Furthermore, with the professional crew of Sirbu Film Production, you can be sure that the expectations you have of this location will be easily fully met. We are experts at shooting filming material for almost any kind of project. So, with the Citadel Fagaras as your next filming location, you will surely be able to achieve any kind of creative ambition that you might have. This is our guarantee.

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