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Sirbu Film Production

Our VFX company in Romania is among the very best that you will find anywhere in Europe. In fact, we believe that we are the top production company in Romania. This is because we have dedicated years of effort and worked with many different clients on some of the most difficult CGI, VFX and 3D projects. Below you will find a brief explanation of what exactly a VFX, CGI and 3D production company does. 

3D Modelling You’ll Love

We’ll start with 3D modelling. Through this process we can create almost any object or scene and make it move on the screen. In other words, we use computer graphics to create a very special experience for our clients and their viewers. By using the right textures and carefully creating 3D objects that look and feel like the real thing – we add special magic to any kind of project. Our VFX company in Romania, Sirbu Film Productions, has worked with a lot of different clients. Every client’s needs were different, but with our talented team members working hard to deliver the right result, we always managed to create beautiful movie magic! 

Also, we would like to add that we are great at making animated scenes, like setting up the movement of objects and characters, including the creation of character rigging. Finally, through the process of compositing we combine our footage with our computer generated 3D models and the final result is always truly amazing.

The VFX to set you apart

 Apart from being a VFX company in Romania we are also a CGI and 3D production company. This means that we can simulate anything you want, like, or need – fire, water, air, wind, snow, cloth, particles and other elements. This list can go on for long! It all depends on what you are looking to get from your project. 

Being a top production company in Romania we also do keying. This is a technical term that means that we remove a chroma (in other words, color) key background to replace it with a  with a graphic one. This makes it possible to do all kinds of awesome things with your video! The possibilities of our CGI and 3D production company are almost endless!

As a VFX company in Romania we also do tracking and match moving. This means that we can very precisely calculate camera movement so that we can add it inside the footage as additional graphics. We also carefully look at the geometry of the overall 3D space to make sure everything is where it should be.

Attention to every detail!

 Being a top production company in Romania and also a leading CGI and 3D production company means that we also take care of cleaning and retouching of the face. This is all about accurately correcting actors’ face if you need us to. We provide supervising services.

We would also like to tell you about rotoscoping, which is another service that our VFX company in Romania does. Rotoscoping is the creation of masks of characters and objects to incorporate graphics into footage. This basically means that we can insert almost anything you like inside your video. And we mean it! You can take a look at the videos below which are all examples of our work done for our clients. In these videos you will discover how everything we have described so far looks and feels.

Also, we would like to add that when you send us your order for computer graphics production, we will send you our supervisor to the set so that you can correctly shoot frames for graphics. This kind of personal attention to every detail is what makes us a leading VFX company in Romania.

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