Sighisoara city

A town with a deep history

The Saxons of Transylvania built the first foundations of the city of Sighisoara almost a thousand years ago. It is truly a majestic place that is suitable for filming any kind of major project. The perfect urban scenery will amaze you and delight you with its uniqueness. City Sighisoara is so well preserved that it almost looks as though it is just waiting for you to shoot your next film here! Also, the historical importance of this location is recognized by the UN. In our opinion Sighisoara city fully deserves the title of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As you can see for yourself in the video above, the beauty of this medieval town really shines through brightly. You can use this location as an ideal place to shoot a historically-themed movie. Or, maybe you’d like to include views of the city in your next documentary. Whatever your filming needs, we’ve got them covered! In our view, Sighisoara City is brimming with great opportunities for some excellent filming.

Sighisoara City - One of Romania's most well-preserved medieval towns

Old and perfectly preserved towers, of which there are nine, adorn this city. Cobbled streets that have seen Vlad the Impaler walk along their paths are today in perfect condition for filming. So if you are looking to include some historic backdrops in your next film, you’ve hit the jackpot with Sighisoara city. Any and all of the most ambitious filming plans you might have will be taken care of with ease. We think that you will love this location at first sight. This city will be a spur to your creativity. We truly believe that Sighisoara will ignite your creative spark to the max. Furthermore, it will surely breathe new life into your next video, short, clip or film project. Our professional team members are always ready to help you fulfill your creative needs! Just contact us today so we can start working on something amazing in this wonderful historic landmark. 

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