Rupea Citadel

A citadel that stands out

Rupea citadel is a very important part of Romanian history and heritage. The very first settlements here go way back to prehistoric times. It is a unique place that is full of beauty and splendor. Moreover, Citadel Rupea is very well preserved. And, as you can see from the short video above, the citadel is very beautifully placed on a majestic hilltop. The surrounding scenery is great for filming at any time of the year. There are literally tons of ways that you can use this location for filming. This is so because Citadel Rupea offers a unique combination of the beauty of Mother Nature combined with man-made architectural embellishments.     

Film whatever you want, whenever you want it.

Citadel Rupea is very easy to get to for the purpose of filming almost all kinds of video material. Whatever your next creative project is going to be about, you should really consider this location. As you can see clearly from the video above, this citadel is very heavily fortified. Moreover, these walls that date back hundreds of years are still standing today. And the climb itself is truly amazing given the kind of road it forms.
So, to sum up, we think that your next filming project will definitely benefit if you decide to shoot it at this location. Our friendly and supportive team is always on hand to help you out. If you have any more questions or want to know a lot more about what we can offer you at this location, simply contact us today! Citadel Rupea is available for filming all year round so that you can plan your next filming project with ease and peace of mind. We also cover the logistical side of things so you don’t need to worry about anything missing or not being in its’ proper place on the set. This is important because, with the right props and stage set, citadel Rupea can really do wonders for your next filming project. 

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