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First, we love what we do to bits! And we love to help and nurture our clients’ talents even more. Also, every step of your film production journey with us we’ll guide you towards the success of your project. We work in film production services in Romania and work in film production services in Hungary. 

We work in Romania and Hungary. Our film production services both in Romania and Hungary are among the best you will find anywhere in Europe. Therefore, we have had multiple experiences with Hollywood brand Ambassadors and their Agencies. This should tell you right from the start that we mean serious business! 

A one-of-a-kind film production company

Here at Sirbu Film Production, we guarantee the maximum bang for your buck in terms of quality and speed of delivery. From the very first email or call that we get from you we will be with you and support you and take care of every single question that you might have. This is what makes us the leader in full-service film production and logistical support in the region.

Our film production services cover feature films, TV, commercials, documentaries, and short films in Romania.

We think of ourselves as the leading video production company in VFX, CGI, and 3D in Romania and Hungary! We also take pride in our successes as one of the very best video content agencies in this region.

Our team works around the clock to meet and go beyond what our clients expect of us. You can feel 100% safe knowing that you can trust us with even the most difficult projects in video and film production services.  

We deliver a truly all-round great filming experience for our customers

Also, you probably didn’t know this before, but Romania has a very rich film production services history. This history began even before the year 1900 with the brothers Lumiere. All through the twentieth century Romanian cinema continued to grow and become ever more artistic and professional. Not even the strict rules for making films and shorts during the Communist period made Romanian cinema producers lower their quality standards.

Sirbu Film Productions is proud to continue walking in the footsteps of the great cinema artists and directors of this Eastern European country. We are proud to work in the same environment that has brought Romanian filmmakers many international awards. Like, for example, more than one Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, as well as the Berlin Golden Bear in 2013.

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