Bicaz lake

Bicaz Lake – one of Romania’s greatest natural wonders

Lake “izvorul muntelui”, known as lake Bicaz is the largest artificial lake in Romania.
Bicaz Lake is a wonderful natural location. Although, frankly, the lake is an artificial creation set in an ideal natural background. The lake itself was created in the first place because of the dam built here many years ago. This wonderful natural spot is the biggest artificial lake in Romania and is a wonderful site for filming. Many of Romania’s interior rivers contribute to the depth and breadth of the water that this lake contains.
Moreover, Bicaz Lake is the perfect spot where during sunny days you can see the reflection of the mighty Ceahlau Mountain! So, to sum up, we think this can be the perfect location for your next project. Whatever you want to use this location for, we’ve got you covered! You can rely on us when it comes to the logistics and filming expertise. We’ll do our very best to make your creative dreams a reality. And what better place to do this than this great location – Bicaz Lake.

A versatile film location

We think that you can put this lake and its’ scenery to multiple film uses. As you can see from our short video above, the aerial view of the lake is truly spectacular. The mountainous location can be a great backdrop for a mystical movie. Or, on the other hand, the moody impression which you can get from this lake during the Autumn may be the perfect choice to film a detective or crime-related kind of film production.
We at Sirbu Film Production can make all of this happen for you and more! Over the years, we (have become) specialised in shooting for different kinds of creative film productions and have used this lake also. In fact, you can rest assured that your creative plans will be fulfilled to the max. That is our guarantee and our firm promise.
Simply reach out to us using our contacts page and we can get to work right away.

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