Set and props design

Set and props design

Set and props design specific for your project

Need to feel like you’re on a tropical island? Or in a fairy tale forest? Or, perhaps, on Mars? We can make it happen. Our network of set and prop designers like a challenge and is able to cater to our clients’ needs within record timeframes. According to a widely accepted definition, Props design are objects used on stage or screen by actors during a show or film production. In practical terms, a prop is considered anything mobile or portable on a stage or set, other than actors, sets, costumes, and electrical equipment.

What this means in practice is that we have all the necessary equipment and filming expertise. We can arrange any kind of filming stage, backdrop, or background. Being in the top 100 video production companies list means that we will very carefully work on your project from start to finish. This means we will create the extraordinary filming atmosphere that your project needs. Just share your creative vision with us from the start. Then, we will become aware of your ideas. This means that we will set ourselves in tune with your demands regarding the props and stage set that you need. 

We realize that every project is different, but our versatility allows us to fulfill even the most ambitious set of designs and bring your creative vision to life. We have years of experience under our belt and will be more than happy to share our expertise with you. Once you will make the decision for this or that prop, or this or that stage design, everything will fall into place. You can be sure that we will make it all happen on set just the way it should.

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