Casting and background talent | girl looking at the camera ready for action

Casting and background talent

Casting and background talent from Romania

As part of the list of the top 100 video production companies, we work with a number of the best casting agencies out there. This makes our talent pool capable of handling demanding casting requirements. These include many different actors suitable for different roles. Also, we have flexible extras and highly skilled lead actors/actresses. We can also hire reliable stunt performers as well. We can also add that In Romania we have many, many thousands of professional and amateur actors. It is for this reason that we believe that Romania is a country with an innate enthusiasm for this art.

Our experience and our professionalism mean that we can easily help you choose the right cast for any type of project. Whatever you have in mind, we here at Sirbu Film Production are always ready to provide you with the best actors for any filming purpose. Whatever your casting needs, you can consider them settled once you start working with us. We’ve got the necessary connections with the right casting agencies to provide you with some of the best talent out there. 

Whether it’s casting done for background scenes, or maybe for example for leading roles, we have everything covered. Our relationships with local casting agencies are solid and professional. In addition, Romania has a lively and creative acting community, so finding the right actors has never been a problem for us. Whatever your casting needs are, you can be sure that we will find the right talent for the right role.

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