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Filming Permits

We'll get your filming permits

What is a permit and do you need one? Being one of the top 100 video production companies, getting a permit is easy. According to the legal definition of this word, a permit is a document given by the state for a well-defined purpose. A permit allows you to do something that would be impossible without a permit. In our case, a permit is usually given to film in a particular location. You will need a permit if you want to shoot at a location that is defined as a cultural, administrative, rural, or urban heritage site. So, to use professional audio and video equipment at these locations, in most cases, you will need to get a filming permit.

Obtaining permits for whichever location we needed has never been an issue at Sirbu Production. Our special legal team takes care of the entire legal side.

In conclusion, getting a permit has never stopped us filming whatever our clients need. You can trust us when we say that we will be able to get a permit for any location you might want.

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