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About Sirbu Production

We’re very much like an anthill. In the wise words of Mr. Marvin Gaye, there „ain’t no mountain high enough” that our team can’t climb. Established in 2007 by Slava Sirbu – the heart and brain of the company – Sirbu Production has quickly grown into one of the most reputable production teams and line production servicing companies in Romania. Our strongest suit is, by far, making things happen. We don’t believe in overtime. We do our homework well in advance and sleep like babies, knowing full well that we’re ready for the big day. None of this would have been possible had we not learnt to listen, strive for perfection, think on our feet, talk straight and, above all, be prepared.



With a real sensitivity for our artists ‘work, we hope to make your future projects come true.

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Besides producing a host of popular music videos, commercials, short films and corporate content, due to Romania becoming a thriving production location with extraordinary resources at globally competitive prices, we also offer the following production services: Line production, Photography, Concept development, Production management, Photo shoot management, Scriptwriting, Storyboarding, Directing, Shooting, Location scouting, Set/Prop design, Casting, Background talent, Local crew, Equipment, Styling, Hair & Make Up, Videography, Facilities’ booking, Permits, Insurance, Lodging, Catering, Transportation, Budgeting & Scheduling.